About Christina

My name is Christina Xavier-Stasiw and I am the proud owner of C - Staged Interiors

C offers a "method to the madness" in prepping properties for sale. Why? Because the market is competitive and staging
is a particular skill. It’s been statistically proven that a well-staged home will sell more quickly and for more money.

In my experience, the best approach to staging a property for sale combines decisiveness and vision with an understanding
of both the seller’s and buyer’s mindset. On one hand, sellers can be reluctant to depersonalize the home they’ve come to
love. But buyers are interested in a home’s potential for themselves. That’s why helping sellers understand the importance
of the buyers’ agenda is such an important step.

Working with a proven system and artistic flair, C can positively affect final sale price. It’s about showing homes at their best and appealing to the broadest cross section of buyers. The more people who can imagine their lives in a house, the more competitive
the bidding will be. 

Whether you are a Real Estate Agent or the owner of a home, office or warehouse space, I offer an array of services. Remember: 
“C" stands Client Care, for Change, for Consultation, Creativity and Coordination. Above all else, “C" stands for Calculated results.
My name is Christina Xavier-Stasiw and I am the proud owner of C-Staged Interiors.